Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fayence and around


It's an unusual week for me. I am leaving the Côte d'Azur coast that I am so familiar with for the hills far above Cannes. The 'perched' villages of Fayence, Seillans and Caillans are in the Var, but only about 40 minutes away from Nice.

It's another world. Less hectic than the coast with a generous dash of  Provençal charm. These villages are very quiet at the moment, but will soon come to life as Spring arrives.

The trip is to show a client around with a good but modest budget. He wants a house, and with house prices on the coast so high, these small, charming inland villages are an incredible bargain by comparison. For the price of a two-bedroom apartment in Cannes, you can find a whole house with a pool in this neck of the woods.

After doing several research trips I am quite pleased to have discovered a new side to living here. After years of resisting going up the hill, I now think I may have found  an area that is not only beautiful and not far away, but also affordable. May it last!


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