Wednesday, November 4, 2015


This is all about a beautiful apartment in Nice in a château. A château in the centre of Nice? That can't be possible!, I hear you say. Well it is, believe me. My parents have lived here happily for some years.  It is a well-kept secret. Tucked away from the bustle of the city, the château sits apart in its own grounds decorated with eccentric statues (a lion wrestling a crocodile is just one of the more outlandish pieces). Yet it is only a quick skip to the beach and the centre of town on foot.    

The château has a rather grand pedigree. Built circa 1850 in a fantastical neo-Gothic meets Moorish style, its gardens originally stretched down to the Promenade and sea front of Nice. The second owner, Count Joseph Caravadossi d'Asprement, took it over in 1879. It was later passed to his son who had married a wealthy American heiress, Elizabeth de Groot. Tragically the son died young as did his wife and daughter. Some say the castle is haunted. (but we can't say we have seen a ghost).

But back to the apartment (which is for sale, by the way). Glorious high ceilings, original black and white marble floors, lead skylights. The apartment is an elegant example of fin-de-siècle style. And the pièce de resistance - a garden with 400-year old olive trees.

Stepping through the front door is to step back in history but with twenty-first century Nice on your doorstep. It's the best of all worlds, one could say.

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